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Stalls after the car warms up? When I slow down and turn?I know I need fuel relay, but a friend hard wired it so I pull the fuse.I pop the hood when it stalls & wiggle the wires then it starts,sometimes it takes a few...
I want is to know where the fuel filter is on the car
I can't open my hood after hitting a wall to avoid hitting another car, I can seem to find the hook
where might i purchase a crankshaft pulley for 90 volvo in louisville kentucky?
My brake lights went out, everything else works, turn signals, regular lights... I had everything checked, the brake switch under the brake pedal (replaced it), the actual light bulbs, the fuses, etc....It's just not ...
your estimator doesnt go back to my 1986 Volvo. can i just use the 1990 estimate or contribute to the site with my findings? let me know.
I want to recharge the air conditioner on my 1990 volvo 240.
What kind of Crankshaft pulley puller do I need to pull the front Crankshaft pulley?
About 5 years ago I wrecked my 1990 Volvo 240 and it's been sitting collecting dust. I rear-ended another car and while the car continued to run and didn't result in immediate stopping of the engine. The fan on the fr...
was driving at 50 mph and engine died turns over but won't start, any ideas fuel pump or fuel pump relay or coil? any ideas/
replaced internal and external fuel pump and fuel filter, but cannot find where the fuel pump relay is located
could i leave on the thermostat regulator button all the time or do i have to keep on closing it every time i park the car....i want to keep the thermostat regulator button at a fixed temp without going every now and ...
How much should it cost to have a repair shop replace a bad starter with a new one?
car is 1989 240 2.3 F.I. gas.Itwill start but idles rough one has to pat the gas to keep it running.It runs okay athigher speed.A mechanic (pep boys) checked it & said the fuel pressure reg. was at fault as the fuel p...
car won't start after adding gas,replaced cpu & fuel pump relay. Tried starting fluid in air intake. checked spark plu,-very dry,not flooded. Did not replace fuel pump(s or filter yet, or electrical