spark plugs and ignition coils changed, fuel injectors cleaned,no vacum leaks. Misfire some times goes and the car at idle gains back its normal idling but as soon as i drive again the misfire is back with rough idling and hesitation the shaking in the engine is mild but the car seems it has lost a significant power especially at pull up. the computer is not showing any faults and the diagnosis @ the VW agency showed nothing

The wiring harness has fallen apart with many wires exposed due to the wire jacket cracking. This was found due to a right rear reverse light alarm (and not working). I would imagine this is a common harness for all GTI and R32 as well as all Golf models.

This is a $400+ repair expense ($210 just for harness) that should be covered by VW as this is a defective part. Please advise.

VW-R32 08 turning lemons to.... Current living/driving needs forced my hand.I have to trade/sell, the R32 for alt. VW /Audi (in same price range) seeking nominations on a fairly current VW model/ 'wolf in sheeps clothing. Withreadily accessible parts MOD/Enhsncement;and in your opinion on MODs where to start and what to focus on? Even considered 2wd Tiguan dropped (realistic to everyday driver profile TCU /FLash...ya I know sounds daft. Thank you for attention and any further thought?