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I've had it put on diagnostic by vw mechanic and looked at by another one with no luck. I changed the fuel filter and tried diesel fuel additive. They tell me it could be injectors but i don't like the work could. Any...
All glo plugs replaced as well as girdle belt. Now they are saying I need a tandem fuel pump replaced for oil & fuel leak. Also told the outer CV joints need replacing as well as #4 glo plug. This is like a $4000 fix....
Anytime wheel turns or bumps up or down. Runs fine, alignment OK. Just replaced the axle and CV 18 months ago. Any thoughts.
Interested in how usual this is. The total repair cost is $$4100 parts plus labor of $1300. I have kept my car in good condition, always bring in for maintenance and repair. It has 130,000 miles, mostly freeway driving.
01222 code for crash sensor side air bag location passenger side. Fault defect no,G180.
how do you check the transmission fluid on a 2004 vw passat