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Its show the turbo itself or the turbo sensor
I removed the skid plate but didn't see any way to drain the radiator.
My key not not letting me in my car
and tensioner but it still does it. could it be a waste gate or turbo ??
car is a 2.0 turbo , it comes from the back side of engine.
Can a 2007 Volkswagen Passat Wagon transmission be repaired? When we turn the car off, and then turn it back on, it will sometimes shift properly. Sometimes there is just a feeling of slipping, but then it catches.
Got the intake cam replaced along with the fuel pump tip and cam follower. Had dealer check my work and redo the install along with timing due to car stalling after my work was completed. They found timing to be off ...
Car was driving fine after 140,000 miles then recently started to lag on hills and would flash epc light for an instant then would disappear before I could stop. CEL would replace it with codes 2293 and 0011. I repl...
The car started idling rough and the check engine light went on. Scanning revealed two codes: P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire, and P2181 Engine Cooling System. When changing plugs, I noticed that the plug from cylinder 1 was...
sometimes, I am unable to open the trunk door and on other ocassions, I cannot close the door no matter how hard I press or pull down. It simply won't budge, Or sporadically, the trunk door will close on its own whil...
the turbo is leaking oil I told I told him this could cause major engine damage if this blow`s but dealer says no problem can you help thanks and no code`s on obd2 for the leak have check it