I change the battery and the start the car then stop to remove the key become difficulty

My car has been through 2 "certified" mechanics, including my local Audi dealership. As well as myself trying to fix the problem. My Passat misfires constantly, I've replaced spark plugs, ignition coils, and the air filter. Audi replaced the connections to my coils. (I did my repairs before taking it to Audi). The last thing I can think of is a failing ECU. If there is another option I can look into please let me know.

I have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, and the air filter. It was running fantastic (engine light remained on) until I accelerated quickly. I toke it to my local auto-zone, where they plug in the handheld computer and it came up with 9 codes. 3 were for the misfires, one relating the mass air flow sensor. The problem seems to be worse after 2,000 RPM and gets slightly better if above 3,000. But when I come to a stop the car will jerk back and forth. And be visibly shaking.

Shut off engine ,forgot something in home came out started eng. It stalled.
Restarted eng. Stalled,tried to start again,didn't turn over at all.Tried to remove key fob from ignition, wouldn't release. Still stuck in ignition. Tried all
Recommend fixes,only thing that works is Alarm and radio???

Aproxametly how much would this repair be and would it be worth it for a passa y t with 110,000 mi, 2006 a d seems like nothing else is wrong with it

What is the procedure to re learn my 2006 vw passat 2.0t? Battery was disconnected and now no start. No parts replaced, nothing taking out. Battery has a complete charge. Turns over nothing else. I can hear fuel pump engage.

and the check engine light came on the nest day. Went to Autozone and there were no codes. How do I get light off?

The epc light come on

My car died and it will not start any idea what it could be

On numerous occasions my car has stalled out on me. Once while in the car wash, three times just driving home from the grocery store not going any faster then 50km/h, and just reversing out of my drive way. Took it to the garage and the mechanic can't find anything wrong with my car. He did say there is 20 different codes coming up when it's hooked up to the computer

Part cost is $1400. Moisture seems to have gotten to first unit.