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and the check engine light came on the nest day. Went to Autozone and there were no codes. How do I get light off?
The epc light come on
My car died and it will not start any idea what it could be
On numerous occasions my car has stalled out on me. Once while in the car wash, three times just driving home from the grocery store not going any faster then 50km/h, and just reversing out of my drive way. Took it t...
Part cost is $1400. Moisture seems to have gotten to first unit.
caravan. On return home some 2000 miles later, I found one spring had broken and the inside edge of the tire was worn to the canvas and therefore illegal for further use. Shock absorber appears to be ok. I was in 'sho...
car model 2006 and engine 2.8l
Wife took car to shop, said big fan was getting power and ground but not working. They ohmed it out and was like 1500 ohms. Bought a new setup and installed it today. Cranked up and ran fine. Then shut off. Then when ...
how easy is it to change out motor mounts front and rear
had all oils replaced in car mahcanic couldn't find any leaks snells like burnt oil
only when it changes gear from 1st to 2nd and back. Does this car need transmission fluid refill or change? Is this a serious transmission problem? I am very scared now. When I took it in the engine light was o...