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The problem is: P0351-354 codes keep reappearing. I have replaced the plugs and installed new coils checked the grounds at the ignition coil all appear to be good. The engine runs great with no missing. I clear the co...
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV and the new one is FHV and this problem since the replacment
I have replaced my gear box the old one FEV the new one is FHV and this issue since the replacement
It's a car and on the right side of the cars there seems to be what looks to be a little light bulb
I changed the plugs and wires. I changed the ignition coil and purge valve. My radiator needs to be flushed which I am doing this weekend and also was about to pull the fuel injectors and clean them.....
I took the car to the mechanic shop they told me there are no leaks. When he car is turned on the smell of gas comes through the air conditioner vents.The engine light is on. What could this be ?
this problem occurs every time a repair is conducted on the electrical system
Driver side window goes down but makes a noise but will only go back up half way.
for standard mountain time
want to change heater core and engine mounts is requested to be replaced also