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Since then only my headlights only come on in highbeam mode. I have tried to change the bulbs but that did not work. How do I revive my low beam lights?
Recently I lost power when I drove over a small bump and then had to pull over as the computer system was freaking out and car wouldn't start without a jump and wouldn't stay running and after jumping it flashed "ALTE...
Was about to replace timing belt due to car now having 106k total miles. Water pump was replaced in August 2012. 40-50k since then.
I replaced my fan in my 2004 passat because the ac was not working 2 days later my alternator goes. Is there any relationship between the two?
Replaced the fan for ac and 2 days later the alternator light is on the car will need a tow to get serviced
I bought the car at 116,000 miles and at 122,000 it had ignition failure. I retrieved a P0321 code. I have charged the battery to 20.7 volts. Then replaced the Crankshaft sensor and the spark plugs, but it still won't...
I've only checked the fluid level. I've been told to replace a few things but I don't want to play Russian roulette with parts and spend a crap ton of money. Just recently had a baby and money is tight. Please help!!!
My car seems to run "cool", only heats up to 190 when stopped. Blows warm air but never hot. Brought the car to mechanic and they said it's the water pump. It would be a $1300 fix. Does that sound right? Would my car ...
my car is almost like sputtering when i speed up. i have no clue whats going on with it. it acts almost as if it could possibly be a fuel filter but the blinking check engine light caught my eye. any answers??
mechanic said it needs a new water pump and that we should do a lot of other things at the same time. the engine now leaks oil from the front end. is this a common problem and what should it cost?
The car overheated out of the blue but when I turned on the heater, the temperature came down.