Timing chain is off track

If I get my water pump replaced do I have to have my timing belt replaced as well.

I am wondering if my car is totaled. It will also have some other things necessary to fix from the wreck.

Like air being released from a balloon. It heard on the passenger side front.

Usually before it comes on the can won't start until about the 2nd or 3rd try and when it does the engine is very loud. I would turn the engine off and start it again then the engine goes back to normal and the EPC light would go off...what is the problem?

Extended Warranty doesn't want to replace timing belt due to pulley causing slippage/breakage. I have two estimates that recommend replacing with used engine.

I just replaced both headlight assemblies on my 04 Passat. Lights work fine. Front turn signals will not activate. I plugged in the old headlight assembly and turn signals worked. Checked the bulbs and they are fine. Any ideas?

Since then only my headlights only come on in highbeam mode. I have tried to change the bulbs but that did not work. How do I revive my low beam lights?

Recently I lost power when I drove over a small bump and then had to pull over as the computer system was freaking out and car wouldn't start without a jump and wouldn't stay running and after jumping it flashed "ALTERNATOR WORKSHOP!". First thought was that the alternator could be bad, had battery tested, it was no good replaced that, took out alternator tested it 3xs and passed each time. Put the car back together and car worked. Fast forward 2-3 weeks and it runs out of coolant again (just bought the car in September 2014), and the car does the same thing and flashes "ALTERNATOR WORKSHOP!" To make matters worse, the oil was checked and it appears to be burned up. The oil was checked 2-3 weeks ago and was fine (no burning oil smell). Also, heat isn't working properly, could be non-related.
Please help!