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my engine is shaking when it is running?
I just bought a 2003 pasat glx 2.8 with a bad motor I replaced it myself it will start but it has a really rough idle. I know on some cars there is a sequence to resetting the computer is their anything you recommend ...
Do I need to use 5w-40 or can I go with 10w-30 t run in this motor?
the left headlight including high beam and the cd player don't come on.
if my timimg belt and water pump is replaced, do i have to set the timing on the camshaft?
how to instol cabin air filter...e mail nopalitos69@yahoo.com
There are no diagnostic codes. I just had the front axels replaced, Air filter, one ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel filter (A complete tune up). My car vibrates when I put it in gear. Nothing was wrong before, until ...
how many hrs to r and i radiator
My VW- 4 motion, runs roughly or a lack of power upon acceleration and The Check Engine Light will often flash.
How much more expensive are VW's to repair then other models?
When I started my car up, the light stayed on, car appeared to be shaking, it also blinked. My steering wheel has also been shaking pretty hard.
Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
change oil/filter full synthedic
With very cold temps, I turn the ignition key and get absolutely nothing other than idiot lights. No click to solenoid, just nothing. If I am lucky enough, after several attempts to start the car by turning the key I ...
I havea v6 2.8 passat 2003, I'm trying to figure out why I get no heat, the ac works fine, the fan blows air, can anyone tell me where the heater core is located and how to flush?