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The engine light on my 2003 Passat GLS is on and I tooked to my mechanic to find out was going on. He told me there is a misfire on #2 cylinder and advise me to replace the coils and spark plugs, what I did from the d...
My car makes a noise when I turn it all the way to the right, my mechanic said I needed a new front axle and he wants $220 before tax. Is that a reasonable price?
I've had this car for 6 months. The heater core has been replaced, the water pump and "belt" has been replaced, and more recently, the thermostat was replaced. Setting in line at my son's school this morning (it was...
and the obdometer is not working we had to disconect the coolant container to get to the hose to replace it and now all these things are happening do I have to replace censer on coolant container? What to do?
looses coolant fluid often when car is warmed up. doesn't leak when i put it in seems to to heat up and come out overflow tube builds pressure and high temperature in coolant tank
driving they go off touch brakes it stops but let off brakes starts again (fuse?)
I have a mechanic that has the ability to drop an engine but not to lift it, so I am wondering if my car engine will need to be lifted or dropped?
When i drive my vw passat 2003 for about 60kilometres at high speed and slow and to continue acceleration engine become stiff and will produce some racking sound and when i force it stops and pick up again. Please any...
My check engine light came on, code P0431 warm up catalytic efficiency below threshold bank 2. The dealership said that I need to replace both of my catalytic converters. I don't know if they cleared the code but my ...
Ck coolent and it go to 260 then it backs off has coolent in it when i stop and ck what could be wrong
My VW passat 2003 short oil after 1000miles however the is no oilly smoke from exaust when started in the morning. I want to know the posssible causes of this oil shortage Thank