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when a/c is turned on, the temp gauge exceeds 190 and white smoke comes from the right side of the engine. the oil light also comes on. what type of problem or repair am i looking at?
i got in a slight accident when my cars brakes locked up and can't get the car started. what do i do or what could be the problem? please help
I have a p0422 code on my passat('99) there's also an exhaust leak near the cat.could the leak cause the chk.eng.light instead of a faulty cat. or o2sensor
valve cover gaskets oil leek and smoke odor come in the car
Napa performed a diagnostic, code, PO 441, "Purge flow fault". what is purge flow fault?
changers hard from 2nd to first goes through gearsok till it gets to high wontgo in gear
down shifts from 2nd to low hard wont go in high gear
Dealer estimates $200 for part, and 3 hours labor (remove / reattach front bumper to reach switch) = $500 = :-(
Engine Failure: Would like to install a used engine
I cannot lock my car with my remote or can I get the key in the door lock, both driver passenger sides. I have replaced the batteries in my remote only to find out I needed to be able to put the key in the door lock t...
does anyone know where exactly the bleeder valve for the power steering is located?
My 1999 VW Passat "popped" when I started it and oil went everywhere underneath the car. It still starts and I can pull it forward and backward but there is no oil left and I'm afraid to drive it. What happened and ho...
I have a 1999 VW Passat. The problem started with the Gas Door. One day it just stopped working, Then came the driver's window, then a few weeks later the other three windows. Now I do not have any of the windows work...