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It makes the sound for about 10 to 15 seconds and stop . It also shakes after its in park for 3 mins . Randomly , and I just spent 1500 getting all the leaks fixed and a major tune up .
The car doesnt go, it just sits there and when i put it into drive it will start making a clicking sound. Then when i put it into park it will make the clicking sound go faster for a couple of seconds then stop. I rea...
We replaced battery twice and even had alternator checked by les schwab. What could be wrong?
After about 15 miles, the cluster beeps, and all that I explained above occurs.
I changed the fuil filter some one said it could be the throttle sensor or body
Blue/black wire from cooling fan red/tan wire on left side is there a relay box in between to hook together for fan to work
1999 Passat/ Noticed: while driving front brakes wet bad...it happend after i used the Emergency brake "handle" a "few" times to stop my car. Notice; Changed "both" low beam "light-bulbs". also cheked the micro-switch...
This happens everytime the car stops at a stop light or any other time it is idling.
the car is in nigeria and it happens 3days intervals