when starting the car window goes all the way down. If the car is running and I hit the button for the window to go down it does, but the button will not bring them back up? If I use the key in the door manually it will bring it back up. Is that just the button or something worse?

I just purchase the vehicle and tried to insert a disc into radio but it was not accepted and an error code "CDC Hardware Error"
And now the tuner on radio itself will no longer work.

I was getting 37 mpg in town and 48 mpg on the highway, I had the timing belt replaced as well as the water pump, the transmission fluid and filter done and the oil changed and new fuel filter. The car has 112,000 on it. After the all the work was completed, I noticed right away that my average mpg dropped, I'm now getting only 37 to 40 on the Highway and between 27 to 35 around town. I took the car back to the dealer and they checked the timing and said it's ok. I'm wondering if the belt maybe off by one tooth, the VW service manager said if it was I would know by the car running real rough? Could the tech be missing something, could the belt be off? No check engine lite has come on, at 40 mph when you step on the pedal it sounds like the timing is retarded. If anyone knows what the problem maybe, please advise!

red light turned yellow after warming--eventually red light is gone-does not come back on next time car is started--has happen twice. slippery road light has come on independently on different occasion..thanks so much for being here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Sendell Motors in Greensburg, PA. They want to charge me $900 to replace the EGR valve on 2009 vw jetta tdi. I think this is outrageous. The website says at most $500. What should I do?

Could this be a motor mount issue? The rhythmic noise stops after shifting back into park. It releaves pressure someplace.
This noise started today.

Fuel gauge stopped working after a fillip in Colorado high mountain station and stays in FULL position for 120 miles or so, then slowly comes down with gas usage until its a little past half-mark when tanks is almost empty. The digital readouts are more accurate but still not perfectly accurate. No change in month or so of driving. Mechanic did not want to get into it because he said it could be so many causes its going to e very expensive. I disconnected and reconnected the battery, but no change.

The car has 90K miles, change oil every 5K miles, at last oil change, mechanic noticed oil leaking from the turbo and an air line running to the turbo had oil in it. Any ideas on where the oil is coming from, other than the turbo? Is this a common problem? If it is the turbo, rebuild or replace with new part?