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2000 jetta 1.9tdi diesel. When it started it filled the garage with smoke and then there was a loud clatter from the engine. Shut the engine off and then it would not restart. Start dismantling the air intake system a...
Car for sale. Just checking before buying.
car heating gauge take longer time to indicate warm up. car heat blower is working but it is not blowing enough heat. thanks
i checked relays and fuses all seem good. The problem occured after i hit a deer
hi my transmission seem to shift from 2 or 3 gear doesnt start on 1st gear only work manually ( putting on 1st gear with the shifter
my problem is when i put my car in drive the transmission doesnt go on first gear i need to bring the shifter on first and second and third manually
I am trying to purchase a reasonable VW VAG computer base program to view Bosch timing. Any ideas of where I can find a reliable one?
I have a 2000 jetta and I need to time the injection pump. I replaced the belt and the car run just fine but being a Caterpiller diesel mechanic for several years, good enough is not ok. I need perfection. Please don'...
We've had a tremendous amount of rain here and no end in sigh for the next week, could rain be most likely the cause for this?
after setting the timing on my car it will turn over but will not start. it has good compression.
My 2000 Jetta TDI has an automatic transmission and after the engine and tranny get warm, it cames out of gear when you come to a complete stop. Get back on the throttle, goes back into gear. Once you are rolling, i...
I have a 2000 Jetta VR6. When should I change the timing belt.
engine will start, but will not shift out of park