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Car started and ran fine yesterday. I park it in the garage unlocked and when I went to leave this morning, I opened the driver's door and the alarm went of. I shut the alarm off with the remote, closed the door and...
How do you go about reactivating the readiness mode on the security system?
With new battery, engine still wouldn't crank. Could it be a fuse or a relay, or is it the starter? The car was running fine yesterday although I left the headlights on for a short while. Even then, I was able to s...
I was told that there is a drain hole that may be plugged. The occurs especially during the summer when I run the A/C so I'm thinking it's condensation, but there's sure alot of it. Thanks for your help!!
Received a check engine light code of p1550. How critical is this to get fix?
Was given a vw tdi in an estate. Need to know what type oil and how much.Also what type and how much transmission fluid? Thanks
How much should it cost to get a new timing belt put on? Thank you
I was told I need an ac coolant fan module. 1st, do you know where this is located on the car and next, is there anyway to test it myself to see if this is really the trouble