The windshiel wiper dont work i try replacing the motor and it was the same so i chack the power and i find out that there is no power going on to the motor

I need to know the location of the output speed sensor on my 2010 Jetta SE 2.5. Please help me!

I replaced remote battery. I can open trunk lid from emergency trunk release by going through back seat. Occasioally can get trunk to open by waving remote near trunk but not consistently. Dealership wants well over 300 to look for problem.

It started as a cooling fan running all the time while key is on. Battery tested fine but will die if the key is in aux. radio has high frq squeal when brakes are used and some times when turning. Seems to be worse in wet weather. Wipers are erratic at times. Check engine light was showing P 2185 -sensor was replaced. CEL comes on for a couple days and goes out for a couple. Low tire light comes on after CEL comes on. Put air in rear tire and it goes but may be a separate issue ( nail etc)

Very inconsistently-not many miles to be transmission?

Clicker sends message to log the doors and alarm sets, none of the 4 doors lock. If you open one of the doors, the alarm goes of. I can lock my driver door with my key, but only that door, leaving 4 doors vulnerable. Quoted $2200 at VW dealer to fix!!!

thermostat has been changed ( what a pain ) the radiator fan is not coming on. the fuses were tested and ckd ok. my fuse box does not have a diagram on it. any ideas as what else i can ck?

When raising the driver's side back window (power), it lowers all the way back down when it gets to the top. The only way to close it is to step it up until it gets close. If it hits the top it automatically goes back down.

How can a problem with the horn light be repaired?

The airbag light came on about 2 months ago. Could this issue also be related?

Brought it to the dealership. They said fuses and power to the radio are OK. Said radio needs to be replaced for $700. However doing research online, this appears to be a VERY common problem and it more likely related to a ground issue. Has anyone out there actually fixed this problem without replacing the radio?