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engine is skipping slightly, engine light comes on occasionally and the EPC light comes on occassionally
Trying to fix my 09 jetta tdi check engine light with error code P0478A. Need to locate where the exhaust pressure sensor is located. ..
And on the dashboard the brake light and the low tire pressure light popped on
About 6 Months ago the Washer fluid light came on and I took my 2009 VW Jetta to the VW Dealership and the said I needed a new Washer fluid Bottle and Sensor so they replaced the Bottle and Sensor. About a Month ago t...
My headlights and rear end lights an turning lights won't turn on. Only the turnig lights on the side mirrors work. I know it's not the bulbs because I have bought new bulbs and they still don't turn on. At first it w...
it is more pronounced at lower speeds,and on bumpy surfaces. I have heard that this issue is a class problem. is there a simple remedy. the vw dealership says there is nothing wrong!