He set the cables up backwards when he jumped it. The battery isn't fried and niether are any fuses. Why won't it start or even attempt to putter? All lights turn on and same with fans. The radio wont tho. Someone said it may be the computer? My friend said my car should have a safety on it so nothing gets hurt when stuff like that happens? any help? costs? diagnosis?

as soon as engine starts

fan runs when car is off and wont stop

Receiving error code P2432 - Secondary Air Injection Sensor Circuit Low & P2015 - Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1
If anyone has any pictures that would be helpful also.

when i park the rpms go up and down but continue to climb each time

The warning líght comes on as a check when the ignition is switched on

Is they're an easy way to install it under the dash to pedal?

At a stop sign taking off my transmission made a clunk and I had to coast off a road. Car is stranded and won't go into any gear. Any ideas what could of happened? Have never had s problem before.

Fuses blow frequently
Wipers do not work
Power windows do not work
Headlights blcxow too frequent
Oil and coolant leakage
Bumper melted due to exhaust pipes too long
Car revs up over and over while idling
Car overheats
Ac went out after loud jet airplane sound and movement of motor
Car has to be jumped off daily due to something draining battery. Battery is fine.
Trunk opens while driving
Interior light by sunroof blink with the beat of the radio. Key lock locks only drivers door.
After getting up to around 50 mph car drives without foot on peddle or on cruise control. Exhaust fumes are very strong inside vehicle and while idling. Water is inside my windows from over night sitting. Clicking noise under glove compartment after turning car off. Steering wheel doesn't lock whencar is off. Car gets hot one minute after starting.

I slowly release the clutch and it grinds my gears a bit then I push the clutch back in and release and it goes in. Anyone know what it could be and how much it may cost?

My Jetta overheats only in stop-n-go traffic, I got stuck twice on different heavy traffic roads, car was towed to the VW dealership they could not diagnose the problem, they did all the tests including pressure test, and let the car run on idle, they said nothing happened, I ended up paying $265, however the problem was not fixed, and it happened again after the car had been to the dealer, this time I took the car to an independent mechanic left it there for two days, he said he did everything he could, he drove it, he checked the pressure, he checked the speed of the fans, again nothing, and now i am afraid to drive the car in heavy traffic...I am sure it will happen again....
What's wrong with the car?