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no response from gas pedal to engine, wont run and not getting response from gas pedal... what is this?
I'm selling my 2010 2.5 Jetta, 105k miles. The trans is shifting rough at times, and I want to know what it'll cost to replace trans so I can advise prospective buyer.
Took it to the shop and they said it was my abs hydraulic pump came up when they ran diagnostic tests I didn't get it fixed yet but that was when I had only my abs light is on and caution light was on now my check eng...
When it is warm. Sometimes it starts and is fine and other times it will not start but seems like it wants to. It reminds me of a Cavaler RS that I have, It would shut down at 100mph and then start up again a 90mph. N...
I was driving on the fwy i have a 04 jetta with triptronic 6 speed. The battery indicator lit up and at the same time the coolent light came on and i looked at the temp. Was all the way hot i got off the fwy and the b...
car wont start I don't think it is o2 sensors
p0301 1 cylinder misfire ...okay but what is the fix for that problem??