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My car was running great the other day, then I was running low fuel, so I got some gas (93 octane as always). After leaving the gas station, I immediately noticed hesitation while accelerating. I drove for about a 1...
how do you change the coil on a jetta and is there only one coil
She has tried to restart it, and it worked a few days ago. This morning she just couldn't get it into gear at all. Help!
how do I fix the glove compartment
I'm having a problem every so often that my Jetta's acceleration responds very slowly. I have had the car for a year, and it has 118,000 mi. on it. I've put on about 10,000 of those. I have not had this problem muc...
speedometer jumps around (0 to 120mph) when driving at 65 mph.
how much time it takes to R&R an engine with auto trans.
how do i check transmission fluid
how long does a timing belt last
I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 4 cylinder. I bought it in March of 2007 with 36,000 miles or so and it has not given me much problem. Now, with 109,000 miles it needs a new timing chain, water pump, temperature se...
It just did it all of a sudden everything is there, it just will not latch.
My jetta makes a loud fan sound when car starts and lasts a min. I think it might have to do with cooling. And check engine light remains on
I want to know how the audio system work because I dont hear the rear speakers.
just started today 8/27/10 - on dash board EPC light on and rear lights remain on when car and all lights are turned off.
Need to replace the egr valve but not sure where it is located?