How long should it idle for?

Ac compressor needs to be replaced

The previous owner put a new Tranny in but didn't get the computer re-programed.

po 441 is the diagnostic code

Happens all the time.

i cant find the filter i thought it will be under the pan but its not

2 weeks after the fuel pump was replaced, I notice the car had a hard time starting so I replaced the dayco belt tensioner and thermostat. Should I have the person who fix the car go back and redo the wiring or do you think I need to replaced the speed censor? Please help! thank you

I can shut the trunk and it looks shut but all you have to do is pull it up and anyone can get into it. If the car is locked and the trunk is pulled open the alarm system will go off. The button on the interior of the car to open the trunk works and it sounds like the trunk is being unlocked.

my fiance opened it one day and now it wont shut. the handle is really loose?


today i locked the keys in the car. after trying to open the door i had to call a locksmith. in 2 minutes the guy used a air bag to pry the door open and unlocked it with a long fiberglass rod. great work so i thought. after i got under way the open door alarm came on and it stayed on even after i checked and made sure all doors trunk and hood were closed. this is causing the cab lights to stay on all the time and its draining the battery.

There is no leaks any where or anything in the oil to be a sign of a head problem.

relatedd to the CAM SHAFT SENSOR B2SB and cause chick engine light on

related to kAm shAft POSITION sensors no B2SB

Just had my VW jetta's water pump / Timing belt / surpentine Belt / Timing belt tensioner / thermostat / and CT Sensor replaced by a local auto repair shop. My question is are the labor times correct?

R&R Timing Belt/ Tensioner and Water pump : 4 hours
R&R Thermostat : 1.4 hours
R&R Drive Belt/ Coolant Temp Sensor : 1.2 hours

If these sound a little on the high side please let me know and if there is someone I contact, either BBB or someone please let me know, they quoted me around 700 dollars for the repair and ended up with them doing it after I gave them the okay. The following day I went to pay them and they showed me a bill of 885.10 So Please if you have any advice or someone I could contact here in North Carolina please feel free to tell me