My heat went out this winter, it will come on but not get hot. Now the A/C is acting weird; will only blow cold on 1-3 but fan speed stays the same, also only blows when accelerating. once you change fan to 4 it kicks off the A/C and just runs outside air so not cool.
There is also gray foam in the vents

Started off as: Check Engine and ASR light. Took to the VW Dealership with a diagnostic from other mechanic of bad TCM. Asked to verify and repair. Instead they did wiring harness and air filter, said is was like new. 2 weeks later same problem: they said I had a bad vacuum line, replaced and was running great. About a month after that; same problems: the did all kinds of stuff and said "When your car first came in, it had a torque signal fault and air flow meter (lean condition) faults. We are aware that part of this is a torque signal fault being recorded in the TCM" but the TCM does not need to be replaced. Sometimes my car is too lean, most of the time it is too rich. They did another wiring harness and replaced "your AFM, the grams-per-second were way off replaced your AFM, the grams-per-second were way off" Said car was running great. Another lie: Still having same problems. Asked the dealership to sell me a TCM and I will have someone else put it in and now they refuse to work on my car, refuse to sell me the parts that I am asking for and suggested I drive over an hour to a different dealership for service. I am at a loss; any ideas are appreciated!

transmsion surge whats the cause

How do I test poblem

I have a 2003 VW Jetta...when I turn on the interior console lights at night, the external lowbeam headlights go off....I can turn the brights on and they will come on

The heat still stay on o times

Tried switching the comfort control module, but it didn't work.

My Jetta loses power going up hill. The rpm goes down; car turns off. What should I do? Im considering calling the guy I bought the car from. I'm so frustrated n broke.

So I've had misfiring issues since I bought the car till now. Current issue I have now is semi responsive coil, firing.

I have replaced all 4 plugs, all 4 coils, and even all 4 coil connectors. 3 of the 4 are great and fire perfectly, however there is just 1 that cuts in an out, all the time. Sometimes it will start firing, so it runs on all 4, then it will cut out and then I'll be stuck running on 3. Any ideas on what's going on? Any insight would be appreciated.

Again I have already changed all 4 plugs, 4 coils, and rewired 4 new coil connectors, yet I still have misfiring issues. Thanks!

It has weak ignition spark