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Emergency brake is off brake pads are good. Not sure if e brake and EPC are related in anyway to each other.

Car cranks normally but will not catch and turn over. Just installed new stereo minutes ago and car performed perfectly b4 that. I am suspecting a fuse or relay but have no idea what a relay is and don't even begin. To know which fuse to pull. Please help. Pp a is the wife's car so I'm n deep Doo Doo 911 help!!!!

The 2003 is dying, the 2005 needs an AC system. I would like to take the system from the 2003 before I junk it. Will the AC lines line up correctly?

What to expect when I try to repair the timing belt. Belt teeth were stripped near crankshaft -top of belt was good. What are some of the common problems mechanics have setting time and replacing belt. Time tdi is way off and not sure where to start and in what order to do it n. Replace tensioner also? Funds are low. Remove motor mount ? I seen on a video. What do I have to do with the computer after repairing belt? I also replaced the crankshaft,camshaft sensors. Reset or program something. Had to Touch terminals together to get car to start after crankshaft sensor replacement. Thanks. Any & all info will be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes when it sits a while it will start back up again and sometimes it may take a day. This happens randomly

AC works with air from outside when traveling fast for airflow

sometimes lights still on until I open the front door and I close it again. all of this while driving.

The way the transmission fluid leaked out, it came out all at once in the very front. I was told that there might be a hole in the hose. Is that possible? If so, how much to fix this problem and is it an easy task to do by yourself.

Will the broken engine mount bracket cause the car to idle unevenly and epc light to come on. I've replaced spark plugs, coils, air filter and fuel filters but noticed my left front mount is broken. 2010 polo vivo

My #4 piston is cracked n i want it replaced how much for parts n labor

The only way would be a leaking head gasket for the 2 fluids to mix, are there any other possibilities to check for?

AC was working fine until the fan belt broke, drove the car until the battery finally died. After fixing the belt AC and fan don't work anymore

My car has an issue. It is overheating but not sure if it is thermostat or cooling system issue. Does not get hot when overheats. No leaking coolant. Water pump replaced 70K ago. Help please

The voltage at the pressure switch is also 9V. Not sure what causing the lower voltage which probably will not allow the clutch to engage. Any answers?