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my windshield wipers won;t work i can hear the cogs turning so i"m assuming that the linkage is off i need to know how to get to the linkage i need to se a diagram
I can turn the car on it will crank but wont turn over. Had it checked by friend with PC told me that it was ECU we replaced it still no start. PC says only oxygen sensor needs replacing but it would still start if t...
How much will it be to replace the transmission itself? And should I bring it to a shop or a dealer for this kind of work? Who should you recommend for the job, please give me a list of non-rip-offs shops around my c...
How much should it cost to rebuild a transmission
I always have to put collant n my reservoir.
Whats the parts and labor cost estimate
Where can I fine the throttle position censor in the car
Car is overheating. Coolant leak. made repair and stopped leak. Also replaced thermostat. However, car is running hot. Could it be problem with water pump?
the key turns on with no resitance how do i remove ignition lock cylinder
the engine overheated and the car will not start at all
my lock on the driver side is completly broken and the key remote doesnt work either. to get in the car i have to open it from the inside. on top of that my headlights arent working... which happened soon after my key...
I am able to get my jetta into gear however it will not engage and go into reverse sometimes. I may have to play with it for 30 mins or more
after I had filled up my car and turned it on the malfunction lite was on
2000 jetta with 72k was running fine then battery and alternator failed while driving. Was driven with low voltage to get to VIP for battery, radio, lights, speedo and tach stopped working, ABS light came one and it ...