Fuses and did the refrigerent

Oops single mom needing help! I can do this just tell me what it is and what go bu... Oh and what to do.

Thanks & Peace...

it was smoking so bad I thought my car was going to blow up but then it restarted and I pulled over safely

Q: Which of the wirings in the ODB2 socket connector on the 2000 VW Jetta VR6 supposed to be live and what are its functions? Thanks in advance for any information anyone may provide.

I have check engine light on and I scanned it. It says my MAF is bad and my secondary air pump. My car keeps shutting off while im driving once I slow down.for example if im stopping at a red light it will shut off. Is it the air flow sensor that needs to be replaced? Is it ok to use aftermarket parts?

The ODB2 socket in my '00 Jetta keeps showing a "Linking Error" when I have the reader connected to it to try to get codes. What could be the possible causes for this? I have tested the wires and wires 4, 8 and 15 are the active ones. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

Just put new coolant outlet flange on car all hoses are good not leaking from anywhere now but car still shows on dash after driving for approx. 20 min that lowon ccoolant and running hot I check resivour and it is still full what could cause this?

the code po748 its thesol./electrical?

My daughter recently purchased an older Jetta (2000) and fuse 14 keeps blowing. Her windows won't work, trunk unlock...... What could possible keep causing the fuse to blow?

Even when air is not in hot heat comes out vents. No air conditioner for 2 months.

So, when i bought my jetta it had terrible brakes and my father changed the master cylinder. This fixed almost all the brake problems and just to be sure we bled the brakes after my MC was put on to but every now and then when i make either a sharp turn or even a U-turn my brake pedal will still go to the floor and once i pump it a few times goes back to normal. Im fresh out of ideas of what it could be... please help!