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seatbelts are totally locked

windshield wiper still displays even though there is no problem ac still blowing out cool air even though compressor is running

smoke is coming out from under the hood, temp is 190 almost immediately and in minutes running at 250+ and the temp light goes on. had new thermostat installed. that didn't work so the mechanic cut 2 hoses near the firewall, he said antifreeze was leaking into the car. then he replaced the antifreeze overflow and there is something floating in it. running worse than took me hours to drive what should have been a 10 minute drive. I called him back and was told to take it somewhere else. Any idea what the problem could be? I took the car to auto one and was told not to run the car this way, so now what??? This happens whenever I get into the car.

how much is the cost to maintenance this type of car? the car has 115k miles. how much is the cost for repair the ABS sensor? Thank you

just started recently, turn key on and both fans start to run wide open. they do so no matter of temp. or if A/C or Defroster is on or not. happens every time.

While back fan stopped blowing through the vents. The other day, started blowing through the vents again on its own. Today - nothing. How can I fix this. Where is the relay switch
on the 1999 VW Jetta? Thanks

just bought car,seems to be a draw on battery upon hooking/unhooking terminal. muffler also split open..any ideas? return new mass air flow sensor?

checked starter and alternator also they tested ok. car ran a few days but ended up dead a few more times. We cannot figure out what is killing the battery. The radio no longer works after this ordeal though. but the fuse looks to be ok. go figure. Any suggestions??

change belt

It was getting hard to get it into 1st gear. Removed the boot and found the flange is broken in two. Need to get the shifter out of the way to replace the flange. Now 2nd and 4th are very hard to hit. Thanks.

Is a constant problem. Don't know diagnostic codes.

position without the joy stick control? It broke off years ago.

Mfg. date:03/99 Engine:2.0,ABA
Just inherited car; only know what repair receipts say.
At 78,704 mls no reverse at times; filter & fluid was changed; 3,958 mls later used trans. installed. Car was owned by my 82 yr. old mother in law. I wonder if she was ripped off. Could it have been a linkage problem since A/T was replaced 3,958 mls. later? In 18,360 mls(5yrs) $8,294 was spent on maintenance at this shop!