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The ignition control relay has been replaced, as well as new distributor cap, plugs and wires. After relay replaced it worked for 2 weeks then nothing. The car when it runs, runs well and smooth. Some wires have been ...
Sometimes will die. Then it will take 3 or 4 cranks to start. Help? I put in New battery. No engine light on.
when the high beem is selected,the highb beems come on,marker lamps work.My son just bought this,not knowing much about it.
I replaced vac lines fuel regulator and check all connections
car is weak no power runs on three cylinders
I an unable to locate the engine coil in the jetta. I'm told it is under an engine cover... where in the compartment can this be located. Is a photo available
I bought a 1999 VW Jetta for my son yesterday. He pushed the dangling trunk light back up into the trunk and immediately the bulb went out, the windows wouldn't roll down, the trunk would not open back up and the car...
flasher doesn't flash just has constant light on
Just replaced the alternator and battery. Finally got the car started and ran the car and after an hour, the car cuts off and the battery is dead. Could it be the ground for the battery?
changed fuel filter now i can't get it to start how do i fix this problem
My jetta is having problems starting, we replaced the started twice with a used one, and still didn't turn over. Its making a very loud sound. So we talked to a mechanic and he told us to buy a brand new starter, put ...
i need to remove it to replace it and i can't figure out how to get it off... i can't get past the steering wheel and the allen nut on the bottom... do i need to remove the signal switch??