My car is a 2012 and has 61k miles. They also said the PCV value nears to be replaced along with the rear shocks. We are the 2nd owners...

I noticed my EPC light would randomly flash on during a road trip and when I would corner hard the oil pressure warning would flash and then go away. I parked it thinking I would get it checked out. After a morning of normal driving, I got in to go home and the EPC light was on along with the check engine. Car started fine, then began to struggle and sputter. Drove a short distance and now it won't start at all. we thought maybe it was a cylinder coil and tried to change each of them out. That didn't fix it and it still won't start. Tried to run codes, but 16 came up because we'd been switching out all the cylinders, etc. codes are cleared and now nothing comes up. Any ideas? Could a fuel pump cause a car not to start? spark plugs and battery are fine. The engine tries to start but won't.

The car clicks and acts weird when I try to start it. Won't turn over. Won't take a jump. I disconnected the battery and reconnected. Nothing. Help!

I deleted my destination list and now it does not store any destinations. When I put in an address I have to put in the state. I didn't have to do that before.

I was riding down the highway doing 70 mph and got to my destination and parked. When I got back to my car and turned it on all the error codes popped up..I had a air bag alert and all these error codes. I mean everyone popped up.. this is the first time this happened..nothing was wrong until i just started the car. It has 33,000 miles

Cleaned engine full detail no problems before this

It has problems cranking now it will drive perfectly fine. I can stop at a store come out it will crank and fall dead immediately anybody else ever have this problem.

sensors light up my screen air bag error, ABS stabilization

I added new gas, did not help. What can I expect the problem to be and the estimated cost to resolve?
Thank you

2012 vw cc
I have a 2012 VW CC and I am now over 78,000 on it, car is less than 22 months old. I use it as work vehicle and drive over 110 miles per day back and forth to work. Just want to list a few problems I have had.
The car drives and handles decent but with each set the tires start to howl and roar after the second or third rotation. I am on third set of tires. I replaced those Conti run flats at 32,000 miles with Hankook, now have some Michelins.
Have Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor that is bad. The sensors on the front will not register anything from the front wheels and the rear one on occasion will say that I have flat tire. Dealer wanted me to bring it in so they could charge me $200 for a diagnostics, I tried to tell them it was the car sensor. Since the problem did not follow the tire when rotated, even though each tire actually has it own sensors located on valve stem. Not to mention, there is a recall for this specific problem but VW says my car is not included in the recall. Not sure how you can have a recall on this issue, for my year, make and model, then u say that my vehicle is not covered when it is the exact problem the other cars are having, and they are covered. So I have a yellow light on my dash cause I refuse to pay for an issue that come up, 2000 miles outside of my warranty. Maybe call to Highway safety will help.
Also have had to replace both sets of headlight, had left set go out at 18 months and right set go out at 20 months. Not sure but I don’t think they are supposed to go bad that quickly.
On more than a few occasions the parking brake engages and disengages after shutting the car off. My car has rolled up to a foot or more after parking and releasing foot from brake pedal. Who else has this many issues.

Car still runs fine, cruise control doesn't work. Lights would come on and off , then after two days they just stay on.

I have a 2012 2.0T VW CC with 42,000KM on it.

The check engine light came on last month and I brought it in to a nearby VW dealer. They diagnosed it as a bad Diverter Valve. I had to pay $500+ to have this replaced because the car was imported from the USA to Canada and was told VW has put a ban on warranty when car is imported.

Barely 4 weeks later (3 days ago) the light came on again. I bring it in and they telling me this time it's a different issue that it's a low boost pressure from the turbo and that the Turbo needs to be replaced. They also said the previous diagnosis was a high boost pressure. Cost of a new turbo is $3100! I am HIGHLY suspicious about this. I am not an automobile expert but something is not right here. The car drove nicely the whole time too. No major signs of stalling or any jerking like one would expect if a Turbo was quitting. It stalled once when I was backing off my parking spot and I noticed a very subtle flutter like an hesitation in the acceleration when I step lightly on the accelerator every now and then. But whenever I need a sharp acceleration and press hard it takes off like a sting.

My gut tells me both diagnosis are related and the first one may not have been the diverter valve. I am trying to get my extended warranty to cover this at the moment but will appreciate it if someone would have any advice on how to proceed. Thanks