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It has problems cranking now it will drive perfectly fine. I can stop at a store come out it will crank and fall dead immediately anybody else ever have this problem.
sensors light up my screen air bag error, ABS stabilization
I added new gas, did not help. What can I expect the problem to be and the estimated cost to resolve? Thank you
2012 vw cc I have a 2012 VW CC and I am now over 78,000 on it, car is less than 22 months old. I use it as work vehicle and drive over 110 miles per day back and forth to work. Just want to list a few problems I h...
Car still runs fine, cruise control doesn't work. Lights would come on and off , then after two days they just stay on.
I have a 2012 2.0T VW CC with 42,000KM on it. The check engine light came on last month and I brought it in to a nearby VW dealer. They diagnosed it as a bad Diverter Valve. I had to pay $500+ to have this replaced...
2.0 turbo DSG trans, 73,000 miles on the car. Number one cylinder no compression/bad oil ring, number two cyl bad oil ring, also a leaky oil pan plug. Serviced by the dealer for everything except one oil change.
I was cleaning it after my son vomited all over it. If you can help please let me know.
The epc light and the engine light is on.
Why is the Passat TDI not listed in the Select Model Screen???
The dealer is reparing, Is a main seal replacement without the crank removed reliable? Should i be insisting on a specifc process for replacement?