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Car won't start. Wont krank all the way over

Ive replaced the coils and the spark plugs and still won't crank over. What could be the issue

timing belt change

Instrument cluster states right side dip light out. Can't find any info on changing this bulb.

My 2009 volkswagen cc is not starting

My CC has just 40k (09) I am told by the dealer we should do a transmission and differential fluid change (cost is $540). Is this needed at this time?

eventually stalls the engine. driving and / or in park.

Does anyone know if this is repairable, or do I need to buy a whole new mirror assembly?

I had a VW CC V6 AWD that was a fantastic vehicle: smooth riding, stable, great in turns, powerful. It was TERRIBLE in snow (live in MN). All season speed-rated tires didn't help. I am now selling the snow tires that saved me! Size 235/40R 18XL. They were used less than four months. The ride was great, snow and ice traction like brand new...even on a performance car. Asking $550.

A friend of mine just jumped a curb in her 09 cc sport. I am a pretty seasoned tech with experience in full engine builds on everything from ford to honda and even bmw. I have the tools to do the job but I'm looking for a labor time estimate to give a price for such a job. Basically the oil pan, baffle, oil pump, pump chain, chain tensioner, and trans pan will be changed. She's basically looking at a grand in parts alone. I don't want to screw her or myself on labor. Any info is much appreciated

A picture would be great.

Hi, I have a 2009 CC sport which I absolutely love. MIL light goes on every 2 weeks with codes P0171 : $07E8 every time. The problem first started last year, when I took it to the dealer, who changed fuel pump (spark plugs were changed 2 weeks prior), the problem resolved. Since this time I have been using Shell's highest price gas. Few days later MIL showed up again, when I was told there is carbon deposition and asked to use the fuel injector cleaning for 3 full fuel tanks. MIL came back on, this time dealer said, they would have to go in manually and clean up the carbon, which I got done. Later the MIL came back again in 2 months, since than I went to the dealer about 3-4 times with MIL (of course it turns off by the time I get the appointment), dealer had the car for a week but could not reproduce the problem. They asked me to come back in when the light is on. I went in one day with the light on, but to my embarrassment, after I checked in with the service adviser and was waiting in the waiting room, she came back to me in 10 min and said the light was not on.

At this point, MIL comes on once every 1-2 weeks with the P0171 : $07E8 code, car runs fine. MIL clears by next day. Please suggest what could be the problem, do I need to worry about this?