Will the light go out automatically? What is the next thing I should check?

thanks, Melinda

while driving our 2002 cabrio the car stopped driving and the engine light came on. I was able to put the car in first and parked...had it towed and trying to figure out what's wrong? can anyone give their thoughts? is it something in the engine or transmission?

I purchased a 2002 VW Cabrio GLX for my daughter. A pretty good car overall but I have one issue.

The FRONT windows will not roll down. Even after I replaced the drivers side switch. I hear the passenger try to do something but nothing happens I hear nothing when I try the drivers side.

The back windows work great and there aren't any other electric issues with the car. The previous owner said that the windows stopped working at the same time.

I haven't seen any fuses for the power windows. Is there a relay or something up on the fuse box?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Fan will not run, unless you run the heater or defrost. Going to work this morning it began to overheat, so I turned on heater then car died and gauges went dead and it would not restart.

Starts back up but no power

I have changed the ignition switch and ignition coil already. Still the same. Sometimes I can hold the key turned on and it will eventually start. Others minutes turned and nothing. What can it be?

Hello, I have replaced many parts for this car in my day and am running into a strange one. I seem to be loosing horse power and gas mileage. I use sea foam every 3 months or 4-6 tanks. I also make sure I don't get shady gas, I've been told it's the fuel injectors or could be anyways. I'd like to try not to have to pay so much for that, got any suggestions?

crank it could it have something to do with key or something else it runs fine other than that

Previous owner may have been in passenger-side accident, but there's no external damage around the passenger side door.

My car has recently thrown the P0441 code. We have recently replaced (within the past year) the fuel assembly unit, fuel cap, and the purge valve solenoid. My car is still idling rough/hiccuping. We are thinking about replacing the hoses, or the carbon canister, but I do not want to spend all the money and it not fix the problem. Is it possible to replace the carbon canister by yourself, without taking it to the mechanic? Are there any other ideas for what to check? I need to have it fixed by the end of the month in order to get my car inspected. My car has about 158,000 miles.