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need to know how to set timing on a 2000vwcabrio--2.0 picture of gears and how to line them up would be helpful thanks, e-mail msemma@hctc.net
When it.rains, the window seals leak. Its bad and drips bad. Please help
I used the top down on the way to tennis, then put it back up. No problem. The next day nothing would haven. Not even slight movement or sound. What could it be?
when i turn the key i can hear a click sound coming from the fuse/relay area. i had the starter tested and was told it was good. the battery tested good as well and i made sure all my connections were tight and secure...
car started a while ago now i press clutch and turn key over and get nothing. had my brother wiggle wires around and kicked over once now nothing. any idea where to start?
specifically the location of fuse for convertible roof motor
I just need to know where the crankshaft positioning sensor is located on a 2000 Volkswagon Cabrio?
was on cruise at 70 at less than 3000 RPMs, cruise kicked out and wont reset and now car struggles to go 70
Was crusing at 70 with cruise on 2400 RPMs; cruise cut out and now car struggles past 60
About a month ago, window wouldnt roll up . Replaced fuse and was on my way. Today it wouldnt roll up , i replaced every fuse and still nothing. The dealers here are crooks and I dont have a lot of money but theres a ...