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Seems this car is going to be alot of teouble. Just bought it for my daughter o take to college and I may have bought a money pit!Any suggestions on anything ro do to these cars to het best results for driving
I used only water until I could buy coolent. Did this possibly cause more damage? I like in Florida where it is very hot. And hoses are old indeed. He much will it cost to purchase ALL new coolant hoses as well a a ne...
after starting the car the break light does not go off and the heat doesn't turn on and the lights wont stay on why does this happen in the cold?
When I turn key nothing doesn't even try to start. battery ok lights ok.
She was just driving along and it backfired. This is the first time it has happened
the car starts and runs but the engine shakes... it does have some power especially when im driving 40 and over... but the start acceleration is slow at first
When I've been driving lately, when I make turns, a little red gas can indicator turns on, beeps, and flashes. I was wondering what could be the cause of this issue and how I could handle it
I have a 99 cabrio gl manual 5speed transmission and the idle is bad it stays around 1rpm but goes a little above and a little below when I am at a stop like a red light stop sign ect. it shakes when its in idle I ch...
I have a vw golf cabrio v reg and this last year I have noticed an intermittent fault where the car suddenly loses power. It slows down and the dash lights come on to show stalled. It happens on and off but more when ...
Replaced wires,plugs,cap and rotor IGet 16.4 mpg from 24mpg
I think that it could possibly have something to do with a part in the shift. Could it be caused by a faulty electro magnet? If not what could it be. When the key is turned no sound is made. I have removed the shi...
Horn just makes a sad, wimpy, muted sound. Are there things I can easily check before bringing it to shop?