Honda Odyssey Problem Report

Honda Odyssey Vibration Caused by Failed Rear Engine Mount

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A rear engine mount that is broken can cause an engine vibration felt in the vehicle. Replacing the failed mount will repair this problem.

My 2006 Odyssey also has all 3 motor mounts broken, quoted cost to repair of $1,900. I figured I would pay a premium for a new Honda just to not have ridiculous things like motor mounts fail. So disappointing, and shameful for Honda that they can't design/build a vehicle that doesn't have problems like this, and then have the balls to charge that much for a part. -
Excessive vibration. Not fixed yet. Hopefully Honda places a recall on engine mounts -
Engine mount failure seems to be a common problem in these vehicles. -
dealing with this, the dealer says it could also be torque converter -
Excessive vibration Honda wants 900 for repair. -
cracked rear engine mount; haven't fixed yet, but quoted around $800 to repair -
We also had all 3 engine mounts broken and needed to be replaced. -
Rear mount is broken -
Was told by Honda dealer that all 3 engine mounts may need to be replaced, but recommend replacing the rear engine mount first. Cost = $1,000. -
There was allot of engine vibration to our van. After taking the Van to the dealer, the mechanics found that all three mounts were destroyed and needed to be replaced. I am glad the mounts were still covered under and extended warranty. -
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