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Honda Odyssey Vibration Caused By Failed Rear Engine Mount

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A rear engine mount that is broken can cause an engine vibration felt in the vehicle. Replacing the failed mount will repair this problem.

Same issue described here by many other owners. Apparently, both mounts are now broken, although one appears to have just recently become so, as the vibration just suddenly began. At 86,694, and a 2006 model, seems I have gotten away with what is a unacknowledged "design defect" in Honda Odyssey minivans, what with the SAME costly repair afflicting so many owners. I mean, c'mon: "Broken Engine Mounts"? Really? Dealer service center is giving me a "break", but it's still a $1,700 repair. What with the PAX run-flat tires, the Odyssey Touring Edition has been a MAINTENANCE DISASTER for me ... THOUSANDS in repairs that non Odyssey owners just never have to contemplate, much less pay for. But aside from that, the car has been a dream ... and paid off years ago, I just can't bring myself to invest in another new or used car, each with its own PANDORA'S BOX of unknown problems and issues and headaches. So, here I am on a Monday morning now investing 4 hours into waiting at my dealership to get this and a recalled fuel pump all fixed. Anyone else feel this kind of pain? -
No problem when accelerating from a stop but once the ECO comes on any acceleration causes extreme engine shake. Most pronounced at 65 mph and up accelerating after running in ECO mode. Active motor mount failure at 50,000 miles is a known Honda problem since at least 2005 when my previous Odyssey had the same issue, at least the replacement part has lasted over a 100,000 miles. 2012 Model motor mounts are no better 7 years later. -
All engine mounts broken this should be a recall,, why no recall dealer has to replace many? -
failed rear engine mount -
Excessive vibration when driving and accelerating. At regular maintenance/service visit informed Dealer, and they confirmed and fixed -
Noticed vibration when speed exceeds 50 MPH. Honda dealer noted this is most likely due to EOO mode but vibration is too much to be normal. Vibration increases in intensity when accelerating above 50 MPH. 5 service inspections and master technicians cannot diagnose problem(s)yet. Engine mount failure noted by other owners describe the problem precisely. -
replace both front and rear motor mounts -
front and rear electronic motor mounts failed. Replaced -
The minivan keep shaking even driving slowly. -
Just bought the van a week ago and started noticing the vibration at 36 mph and 1500 rpm in eco mode and then accelerating out of eco mode it got worse. Other speeds also. Took to dealer because it is a "CERTIFIED" pre-owned. It took two days for them to diagnose it. They changed transmission fluid, which was done at certification two weeks earlier, and reprogramed the computer. Neither did any good. They are now changing the mount. Hope it works. Sad to say this is my first Honda. I have always owned Toyota vehicles, never any issues like this. -
Known issue that Honda should have recalled. -
New tires and vibration began, 4 sets of tires in 6 weeks by Discount Tire trying to help resolve the issue. Then we have a total of 9 balances 4 @ Discount, 3 @ 3rd party and 2 @ Honda dealers. 2 Dealerships have done front end alignment checks, axles replaced, motor mounts checked, 2 computer upgrades were done, test drive after test drive and we still do not know. Obviously Honda of North America in in denial of the issue, anyone can look online and see it's an ongoing problem that has been consistent with these vehicles over several years with several Honda models. So, Honda needs to be accountable for the substandard engineering and make it right for the consumers. -
just bought vehicle. at 1500 rpm and 35mph vehicle shakes for 10-12 seconds. Stops with decelleration or acceleration. -
Engine vibrations during eco mode. -
When I took the vehicle for break package, the service tech told me that the real engine mounts have failed and needs to be replaced. Gave me a quote of USD 1017. Vehicle vibrates a lot when ECO mode comes on. -
Horrible Vibration in ECO mode due to VCM (3 cylinders shutting down) at all speeds. Defeats Honda's whole purpose of saving gas because I am on and off the gas trying to keep ECO from coming on. $778 estimate to replace just the rear engine mount. HONDA SHOULD PAY FOR MOTOR MOUNT REPAIRS OR PROVIDE A WAY TO TURN OFF VCM IN THE PCM/ECM! Please make your voice heard on this widespread and known issue. Trip to dealership only got a PCM update which did NOT fix the problem. -
Service techs noticed loose/worn/failed engine mounts, rear and right, during maintenance check. Replaced at $600 cost. -
Just had routine service done, and dealer says I have a mount that is wearing out, and a rear main oil seal starting to leak. 6 years old and 50000 miles - these shouldn't be happening. The brakes have also squealed after getting hot from a few months after I got the van, but Honda claimed that was normal. Sad that Honda isn't owning up to these issues and doing the right thing. Disappointing quality from Honda. I had two Acura Integras previously, and both were rock solid. -
At highway speeds of over 60 mph when ECO mode comes on there is a significant judder/vibration from the engine bay/front of the vehicle. It never occurs during in town driving of lesser speeds -
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