Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 Vehicle Drifts/Pulls to One Side When Brakes Are Applied

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Some models could have a severe drift or pull to one side when the brakes were applied. If this is not caused by a dragging brake caliper, there is a service bulletin describing the step-by-step diagnosis and many possible solutions. Our technicians note the most common solutions are performing a four wheel alignment, checking torque on suspension components, installing shims between the wheels and hubs, and replacing the suspension arms.

replaced front rotors calipers and pads. i seemed to have a problem also with the brakes being applyed it would pull to the left. also felt the brakes were grabbing and not releasing. changed the front brake line hoses and my problems went away. -
Pulls hard to the left when brakes applied. -
just purchased a 1998 dodge ram 1500 sport with 165,000 miles on it. when applying the brakes, the truck pulls hard to the left. Just had new calipers and pads installed. tires are worn out in the front from irregular wear, and I noticed the back tires are worn outward, instead of normal treadwear on rear tires -
This didnt start happening until I had a four wheel alignment done on my truck. Right after I came up to a stop light and applied the brakes when I just about ended up in the other lane. -
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