Dodge Ram 2500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 2500 Vehicle Drifts/Pulls to One Side When Brakes Are Applied

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Some models could have a severe drift or pull to one side when the brakes were applied. If this is not caused by a dragging brake caliper, there is a service bulletin describing the step-by-step diagnosis and many possible solutions. Our technicians note the most common solutions are performing a four wheel alignment, checking torque on suspension components, installing shims between the wheels and hubs, and replacing the suspension arms.

I have replaced front pads/calipers/rotors and rear shoes/drums/wheel cylinders. Within 3-4 hours of drive time this problem occurred. Had a small lift on it but removed and did not change. Drove like this for 6 months. Replaced front hoses, no change. Replaced calipers again, no change. The pads are 60-70% worn on the left but only 10-20% worn on the right. All hard lines look fine. Is it possible I got a bad caliper 2 different times on one side from 2 different parts places 6 months apart? At parking lot speed there is no noticeable pull. Pull is less as truck slows to a stop. Also pulls more the harder the pedal is pressed. Alignment was done before I did all this. -
Pulls right when applying brakes replaced caliper and brake line.Still have problem. -
I hit the brakes and it pulls to the left -
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