Ford Windstar Problem Report

Ford Windstar The Check Engine Light May Illuminate Due to an Intake Manifold Vacuum Leak

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate with fault code P0171 and/or P0174 stored, indicating a lean fuel mixture. Our technicians tell us the left valve cover gasket, upper intake gaskets, vacuum line, and bolts may need to be replaced with updated parts to correct this concern.

I had the p0171 code so I replaced the pcv valve I removed the check engine light. Now I have recieved the p0174 light? I hear a hiss like a leak but cant fine it. I sprayed carburator cleaner to see if the idle changes but didnt notice any change. Also there is some kind of hesitation on take off? What can it be? -
Codes P0171 & P0174- engine runs lean, check engine light is on. Diagnosed at dealer wants $950.00. I am getting other estimates -
I currently have this issue, need to repair. Any suggestions? -
Check engine light, lean codes. Purchased intake gasket kit from Advance Auto Parts. Had purchase new intake isolator bolts online, as ford has changed the design. Also replaced spark plugs and wires, as its easier to reach the plugs on the back side with the intake off. Replaced upper radiator hose because had to disconnect from lower air intake. Total cost of parts was approximately $230.00. -
I had this same problem. Seemed like a power drop and the engine light would come on. My mechanic said the is a know FORD problem with the intake and there actually a Intake manifold kit to fix the problem. Of coarse Ford will not step up and fix the problem. The repair Cost $800 but has run great ever since. Another poor Ford design. -
leak in the vaccume, causing car to rev and jump when idoling. have to have constant pressure on the gas when idoling to stop van from jumping in place or dying. -
Code P0171 and P0174. Cyl 1 and 4 lean. Check engine light comes on and will stay off 24-36 hours when I turn it off. Is this caused by vacuum leak somewhere? -
got codes p0171 and p0174 so we changed the o2 sensors all 4 after that started it up ran for a little then acted like it was choking and died got another code p0134 changed that sensor again still does the same damn thing starts up then dies the more times we start it the faster it dies and runs our battery dead.. -
MIL on with codes 0171 and 0174 dies once in a while -
we are still trying to get it fixed -
engine light is on an van runs like crap -
I have had the codes that aay bank 1 and bank 2 running lean it dies at idle it cuts out on acceleration at times I have done tune ups had the fuel filter changed had the fuel injection tested had vacuum leak check changed and reprogrammed the main computer was being told it could possibly be o2 sensors or catalytic converter im stumped because they can't seem to figure out the exact problem and I don't have the money to keep spending while we try to figure it out -
The Check Engine Light may illuminate with fault P0171 and P0174, my engine is 3.0L, only find repair kits for engine 3.8L, why? -
Upper Knocking, codes PO 171,174 high fuel consumption -
Both banks running lean.They changed the intake manifold gaskets and 6 months later the same BS. They tightened all the bolts and that lasted 3 weeks.Last week they said the fuel pressure was low (22PSI) so the fuel pump and all the filters were changed.Three days later another check engine light.They said it was because of the cold weather and if you let it set in idle for two long when you are letting the engine warm up it would cause the check engine light would come on. Now I was told it won't matter and the manifolds would have to be pulled and they would silicone the gaskets so it doesn't leak anymore. I was also told that I could drive the van for 20,000 miles with no problems. They would split the repair with me but not until the weather warms up. -
Same Thing! 0171 & 0174...Intake gasket has been replaced as well as the Iso bolts??? 2nd motor in this van...J.U.N.K... -
p 0171 p 0174 -
Just bought the SUV for my son. Stalls and runs rough when cold. Changed the gas filler neck which was in bad shape. I still have to get the Exploder through inspection check engine lights is on getting lean codes. Bought tune up parts plugs, wiree s, air and gas filers, PCV valve. Gas mileage is the worse. Should have know found on road dead, fix or repair daily.. etc. Looks like a intake gasket is in the future of this SUV. -
the runner valve is not working the control armes not conected also n0 2 plug misfireing -
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