Transmission solenoid may short-circuit and cause CEL on Honda Accord

On certain models, a transmission solenoid can short-circuit and illuminate the Check Engine Light.

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Average mileage: 144,000 (114,000–188,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 3.0L V6, Automatic Transmission
2 model years affected: 1998, 2005
6 people reported this problem
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1998 Honda Accord - Automatic Transmission 188,000 mi,
I have a 1998 Honda Accord VTEC 4 cylinder 2.3 straight to the point I just bought this car for $500 the previous owner told me that the transmission was slipping the car drives when the car is warm enough the transmission will start working somewhat proper as I take off on first gear and the transmission releases 1st gear to interlocked with second it hesitates for like 4 seconds then it catches sometimes .....and the same thing for each gear after .....then there's times that the transmission is completely normal the last thing I remember was that the engine light was flashing because I had three transmission sensors trigger the check engine light now back to the beginning when I said when the car is warm enough if I were to just get in my car start it let it warm up then drive I'd have first gear and nothing else hey feels like the car just goes right into neutral like if the transmission was basically confusehey feels like the car just goes right into neutral like if the transmission was basically confused on what gear wants to drive on or if it wants to just sit in neutral I was reading up on shift solenoid a be or a something its the one on top of the transmission and it's two of them on the side or on the bottom I just need to know if anybody has had a similar problem I took the car on the highway one time because when is driving its fine but after going about 55 60 the car decided to downshift it released the transmission went into neutral and felt like first gear kick back on at 55 miles an hour which gave with Jolt and slow the car down the RPMs to the car basically are nuts that's only of course when the transmission is acting up I just need some advice on whether to try all the solenoids first or just buy a whole new trans either or I'm good with it
1998 Honda Accord - Automatic Transmission 114,000 mi,
@ 60 mph car shifts acts like it sifts to neutral then shifts way down when u barely lift your foot from the gas. @ 45 it seems ok but it really screws up when trying to pull a hill and it is trying to shift. seems like a common prob. fluid level is fine and the fluid looks good. the code it threw said that the solenoid is open.
2005 Honda Accord - Automatic Transmission
had to replace selinoid. My car would not go more then 15 miles.