Transmission failure on BMW 530i

Average mileage: 118,975 (52,000–200,000)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
7 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 2002, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007
39 people reported this problem
31 people shared problem details
2007 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission148,033
Transmission malfunction message popped up on screen saying speed reduced drive moderately
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission52,000
Took the car to the BMW dealer for a routine check-up (valve cover oil leakage + messed-up computer screen messages + engine starting difficulties + scheduled maintenance LEVEL II) and they came back with a repair estimate of over $9,000 (Sundry items + transmission replacement)! Is there a way anyone can explain, let alone justify, that a 2004 BMW 530i with less than 52K very carefully-driven miles (only one very minor body dent) should need a transmission replacement?
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission80,000
It comes on and off. Goes away when you stop and restart the car
2005 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission89,000
I had this issue for 20000 mi. I did a little research after the dealership couldnt find anything and said i just needed a new transmission. Not true at all. The problem lies in the valve body. As long as your trans is not slipping this can be fixed with getting the valve body rebuilt or the cheap way finding which solenoid if not working then replace it (replacing the bad solenoids and adding new improved bigger gaskets). I got mine done at VBX owned by Sonnex. It cost me $608 to have it rebuilt and around $300 for new pan and oil. It takes about 45 mins to remove the valve body and about an hour to put it back in refill and reset the trans adaption. You will be without your car for about 10 days because you have to mail it in. You need just need a little mechanic knowledge because I have just that a little. This was the biggest job ive done. After that it will drive like crap until the 200 mi relearn process but it will fix it 100%. This fix is for any shifting problems you may have (i.e. not going into reverse, over reving, not shifting when its suppose to, going into safe mode). This does not fix a slipping transmission. You will need a new transmission if it is slipping.
2005 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission85,000
my 2005 530i had the same problem , transmission malfunction light will come on , had to stop the vehicle turn the engine off and re-start the vehicle will reset the light , till last week the light came on and will not reset, my vehicle will go straight to parking when put on reverse ,have this ever happen to any of you
2002 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission135,000
After driving about 30 minutes. I'm at a red light my 2002 745I bmw Shuts off and I receive the transmission failure takes About 5 minutes before it starts again. What should I look for.
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission64,000
Exiting the highway car goes into "safe mode" with the malfunctin transmission light coming on in dash and on screen. I see many others complain with this same issue but BMW hasnt ever taken care of there customers and fixed this issue?! Dealership is asking me to pay up to 4300$ in repairs when a car with just 64k miles shouldnt be malfunctioning if its the best car in the world...!
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission80,500
Both the transmission and the engine were suddenly dead on a highway bridge. So the car is totally. The only thing I want say I will spread the words: Don't Buy BMW!
2006 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission200,000
Transmission malfunction drive moderate and vehicle has reduced speed.Also will not change out.I put the vehicle in the shop and they added two quarts of transmission fluid and the car changed out fine for about six hours and the problem occurred again.
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission101,000
Transmission failed while driving. Operated in slow gear so I was able to limp to the dealer. Estimate was $5,000. Tried another Trans specialist who quoted me $3800 but it ended up costing $5k in the end. I have a friend who's had exact same scenario. Should have been a recall!
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission
Transmission issues, I sent to get it fixed the same problem started again. The gears are feel like they are not shifting and feels like it's in hover mode, significant amount of oil leak (3 times) 3 different areas. AC problems. I don't want this car anymore. I can't afford the repeat issues. So inconvenient. Why has this not been recalled. Car max would only offer 3000 for the car. Not happy at all!
2005 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission183,000
I had a problem when driving at very slow speeds in heavy traffic. This happens at speeds between 15 to 25 kms per hour. The engine revs up and the gear refuses to shift at firts . Then it changes geras with a jerk. This happend after I had the bottom pan gasket changed by a BMW certttified repair shop. One of the BMW Forums mentioned something about a " 2 tip 1" proceedure done at BWM Distributor workshops. However , I had my car taken to the Distributor where I had purchased the car,. They charged me US$ 225.00 to have it checked. They reprogrammed the car and added 2 x litres of Transmission Oil. The car drives fine now. At first, they suggested changing the Transmission for US$ 4000 approx to a remanufactured unit. which I turned down.I did get oother stuff dine such as changing the brake fluid, checking a tightening all bolts and nuts; changing the bushes on the tie rods on the front.The battery was due for replacement and the Alternator Belt was cracked. I spent in all about US$ 1200! I suggest that you take your car to the Distributors workshop . The BMW 530I is an expensive car and costs around US$ 60,000 when NEW. It is a robust car! Spending an additional US$ 4 to 5 K to get it up to speed is really worthit , for an additional 250,000 kms! A running BMW 530I although old, is still a better drive than a brand new Corolla! Cheers!
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission58,000
car had to be taken in to replace transmission but we ended up buying a 550i 2011 at Mike Smith in Beaumont Tx.The transmission malfunction failure light would come on sometime but the car could still be driven. service said it was 4th gear and had to be replaced. Also had problems with car not cooling and heating properly
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission89,000
Limp mode at highway speeds in high gear. Shop told me that the computer is picking up a slippage. Car jerks forward when switching between drive and tiptronoc. Had the transmission fluid changed (900$). Error persists. Well maintained vehicle.
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission110,000
Had to replace Transmission
1994 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission
Rolls in park.
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission86,000
This is the second time I've had this problem. Had it at 65,000 miles as well.
2004 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission
The problem still exists
1995 BMW 530i- Manual Transmission180,000
shifter seems to work fine but willnot engage revirce how do u fix it
2007 BMW 530i- Automatic Transmission165,000
transmission fault - car wont go into gear - just had work done to it and did not replace valve cover like advised - have no clue how to go about fixing - know nothing about these cars
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