Ford Fusion Problem Report

Ford Fusion Transmission Failure

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starts as , wont shift into 3rd gear from second , unless i take my foot ff accelerator, and gets to the point where it wont shift at all. reverse gear seems to be none functional. and jerking starts from there on with no power in trans -
Transmission slipping. -
The transmission needs to be replaced on a 2010 Ford Fusion after 60,000 miles. The transmission struggles to upshift until third gear and then kicks in. The transmission slips randomly while shifting during drive. The transmission slips occasionally when downshifting to a complete stop. -
when car is started then put in reverse its agressive where the tires will break loose, then when put in drive it either is in 2nd gear or 1st gears slipping it will correct it self but sometimes it takes awhile im really pist about this.. -
No warning just stopped dead very scary. -
2009 model....Slipping in 5th gear. 6 years old and the dealer just quoted $6400 to replace transmission. Catastrophic failure. The fix cost is more than the car is worth. -
tranny bangs when downshifting for 2nd to first ( auto 6 speed) dealear cant find any problems -
Rpm reeve really high when transmission is trying to shift -
Shifting up in 3rd and 4th gear is delayed -
Shifts hard at times. Splits too. -
engine over-revving,mainly when cold.after it run for awhile problem goes away; tranny problems occurs about once every couple of month. -
At 74,000 miles had the automatic transmission replaced. Was shifting very hard between second & third. Sometimes, however, it seemed to hang up between first & second. Didn't seem to matter if it was city driving or getting on or off the highway. Fusion now has 145,000 miles on it, seems to still be okay but now I worry it'll go again. -
tranny kept slipping..dashboard tool light came on indicating problem..had to have transmission replaced. it's at about 55,000 miles now and so far so good. -
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