Dodge Magnum Problem Report

Dodge Magnum Transmission Electrical Connector May Leak Transmission Fluid

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Often misdiagnosed as a transmission oil pan gasket leak, the electrical connector on the automatic transmission may leak.

Leaking at electrical connector. Replaced connector with new one. Part cost $20.00 and installation was $40.00, plus top off of fluid. -
Doing it now need to know how to fix -
Transmission fluid is leaking was told it may be the pan gasket but it also slips while shifting, sometimes not even engaging when cold. Tells me there's a larger issue than a fluid leak. -
I am having a huge amount of fluid leaking from my car. Was told it was coming from behind my transmission and to just keep putting oil in my car until i can afford the $1,200 to get it fixed. But my car is running very rough and feels like it is jerking when idle and backfiring when driving. Could this be from something else, is it actually oil leaking, or is it transmission fluid and misdiagnosed? I do not want to keep driving my car if it is going to break down on me before february... -
It was fixed before I had a whole in my transmission pan but it got fixed but now it leaking fluid again and making my transmission jerk -
took in to dealer twice for a 13 pin connector leak. still leaks? -
pan gasket and electrical connector both leak -
was told by dealer that the speed control sensor o-ring was lead1king. I took it to a transmission place and there was transmission fluid all over the elctrical connector so now I have to pay 350.00 to have them take my tansmission apart to see how much damage there is due to this leak. -
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