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I am finding some are 2 wire and some are 4 wire for the same location sensor. how do I know which I need?
has been replase twice
has been replace twice and flush noise steel there
Dreaded P0420 code. I've sprayed carb cleaner in the engine bay to test for air leaks, I've cleaned MAF sensor, replaced PC valve, no leaks in header or exhaust. Reading O2 sensor voltages produces these results. U...
It just stoped working and I checked all the fuses and fuses are still good.
What is the cost of brake service/replacement at the dealer?
What is the cost of this service including timing chain replacement?
Where is the best place to get 60k mile routine maintenance for Toyota Sequioia? Dealer price is $600. Sounds too high to me esepcially when most of service is just "inspections." I have no way of knowing if they real...
I have a 2006 Toyota Sequoia and the rear hatch does not open! I have been hearing a lot of complaints about the same thing. Is this a defect with Toyota? or is this something that I am responsible for?
the back window will not go down and the wiper does not work