I've changed spark plugs, coil packs, o2 sensor b1s2, & cat coverter. Now it won't unlock w keys and when the key turns off front Windows automatically roll down.

The key will not turn over so the vehicle will crank up

vibrates in the rear

to, fixed then cleared.

won't open

I am finding some are 2 wire and some are 4 wire for the same location sensor. how do I know which I need?

has been replase twice

has been replace twice and flush noise steel there

Dreaded P0420 code. I've sprayed carb cleaner in the engine bay to test for air leaks, I've cleaned MAF sensor, replaced PC valve, no leaks in header or exhaust. Reading O2 sensor voltages produces these results. Under load both left and right post cat sensors read pretty similar. When coming off the gas both eventually drop to a lean condition. Then left post sensor almost immediately jumps to full rich. I don't think it’s a leaky injector because the left pre cat sensor doesn't spike. If anything it goes just a little lean on the left side (compared to right). I switched the post cat O2 sensors to see if it could be the sensor itself. No difference. I think it has to be a cat going (gone) bad. Does this all jive? Thanks a bunch for the help!!

It just stoped working and I checked all the fuses and fuses are still good.

What is the cost of brake service/replacement at the dealer?

What is the cost of this service including timing chain replacement?

Where is the best place to get 60k mile routine maintenance for Toyota Sequioia? Dealer price is $600. Sounds too high to me esepcially when most of service is just "inspections." I have no way of knowing if they really are doing the inpsections that I am paying for????