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front wheels vibrating when applying brakes
right above were the side air bags are located any ideas why
my daughter (2) years old. pushed the 4wd button while vehicle was off, turned vehicle on and the 4 green tire came on. and a orange circle light started blinking. got the fluids changed since i had just bought it fro...
How do I ohm out my Throttle Position Sensor? At an idle it drops to under 500 RPMS at Highway Speeds the Check Engine light goes off.
My engine light is on and the vsc tracking light says vsc track off, how do i turn it off or is there something wrong with engine?
in the middle of the 4 lights, what do that mean.
I put the car in park and when I went to put it in gear it would not take. AAA came and went under the car and said that the connection broke...god knows I have the worst luck with cars.
After replacing power steering pump twice with Napa pump, thinking we got bad pumps, installed a Toyota pump and it still makes loud noise. Sounds like a cow in labor.
Is this probably a tracking sensor problem and how expensive to repair.
changed air comp twise dryer rear and front valves two diferent mechanics
I have a Toyota Sequoia and the passenger side outer tie rod has cracked in half. The crack is between the ball joint and where the tie rod threads into the outer tie rod. From looking at the end view of the broken ti...