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This problem persist when the car is switched off and later switched on.
The light continued to blink and I did feel the cruise control moving my vehicle. Tried turn it off but it stayed blinking. About 10 minutes later it turned off on its own. Should I be concerned?
VSC TRAC, and VSC OFF, and ABS lights or on. they stay on, no flashing. Went around a curve on the interstate a little to hard the other day and heard a beeping sound or warning signal come on. I am wondering if this...
air bag light is on .belts need changing. running hot
how do you change spark plugs on 4.7 toyota sequia engine were are they located
it also has several codes c1203,c1223,c1247,c1310,p0031,p0305 engine miss fires when any throttle is given at all and misses bad going up hills could this be something else triggering other codes thanks
how would u get a disc out of the radio I believe my wife put two discs in
I think there might of been two put in at the same time
But the truck will start and run fine the second time I start it. I checked for vacuum leaks and there were none. I changed the fuel filter with no change. I pulled codes p0101 and p0102, so I changed the MAS with no ...
I don't notice when the problem appear for first time
The truck starts and then shuts down. But if I start it again it stays started. It also shut down one time while driving, but started again right after shutting down. I checked the vacuum hoses and there were no leaks...
Recently my power locks and alarm stopped working when using the key fab. I thought it was the batteries in the key fab so I tried my backup fab. It also didn't work. Then I noticed the power locks didn't work at all ...
Can I install a TRANSLATE COMPUTER ASSEMBLY my self or do I need to have the dealer do it? I have the new part in hand but don't want to screw it up.
It has a vacuum hose running from the intake manifold to a valve or swicth of somekind at the pressure hose connection on the pump and another hose running from the same valve to the intake filter tube,i cant find inf...
the handle broke!!! I am seeing this is a very common problem. Is there a recall in the works??