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Toyota Tacoma Toyota Recall For Lower Ball Joint Issue

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Toyota issued a recall on the lower ball joint due to the possibility of premature wear from improper finishing in production. The ball joints will be replaced under the recall. This recall applies to 2001-2004 models only. Please contact you local Toyota dealer to see if your vehicle is included.

Passenger side lower ball joint broke on hwy, tire under truck and suspension grinding in pavement @ 45mph. what the ****. This should not happen, could have been a major accident.1998 2wd Tacoma -
I have recently had my second failure of the lower ball joints. I was fortunate that it fail both times prior to getting on the express way. I was unaware of any recall on ball joints. I'm totally disapointed with Toyota. -
Vibration/humming sound while driving at all speeds , had tires and frontend checked with no issues found. This problem has not been rectified. -
Lower ball joint failed causing loss of control and brake line was broken. Severe left front body damage from wheel folding back and tearing off. Vehicle was totaled -
My passenger side lower ball joint failed in Seattle,wa. I went to a Toyota dealer there and ordered the part and replaced it myself. When I asked about a recall about the ball joint I was told one did not exist. Now the driver's side lower ball joint failed. -
Driver side lower ball joint snapped off. Replaced it with a new one, one week later it snapped off again. then 3 days ago the passenger side lower ball joint snapped off, replaced it with a new one. What's going on here that is causing these ball joints to just fail like this? I have never seen anything like this before, as most ball joints that go bad will exhibit some wear symptoms. These did not give any wear symptoms, they just snapped off, as if there is a design flaw in the suspension that is causing excessive stress on the conical shaft. The only thing I can imagine is causing this, is maybe the arm is not lateral, thus causing excessive the ball joint to suffer a great deal of lateral stress, in which it's designed to absorb vertical stress. -
Ball joint fell out and the frame went sliding across the road almost killing me …I bought new parts and was extra surprised when at nappa they sell a 12 month warranty ball joints . of coarse I bought the lifetime ones ????I will have the m put on along with the other parts that were damaged . I am a little surprised I thought it has always been solid and have had my baby and wife in the truck on the freeway many times . Actually I am in shock Please respond . -
Lower ball-joint broke yesterday while wife was driving home from classes. God directed her to take the back roads and not the freeway (thank you!). A CHP named (M. Right) drove her home. No joke. Replaced upper and lower ball-joints and the outer tie rod end. LBJ ball-stud left a 30foot gash in the street and welded itself to the nut. Both were ground to within 1/4" of the control arm cradle. Used angle grinder to cut the bolt plush with the cradle, stuck the cradle in a vice and used a pipe wrench to effortlessly twist the ball out. New tires were less than 2 weeks old. had warranty on tires so will have it switched out. TOW = $75 (For 3 miles) LBJ = $20 UBJ = $30 TRE = $30 $150 and done by 1pm today. I don't begrudge Toyota. They made a respectable little truck in 1996. Will probably squeeze another 220k out of it. -
wore lower ball joint -
Left front ball joint broke, coming a loose from the tire. Glad I was only driving 5 mph. -
Sluggish / Stiff steering Outside tire wear Shimmies at highway speeds Will contact Toyota for fix -
Passenger side lower ball joint came out and wheel/tire twisted in wheel well. -
Creaking and extreme instability feeling on drivers side front. Has not been fixed as of yet, but now that it has been diagnosed as such I will be seeking help. -
My lower balljoint need repair, ck out by the dealer and it need replace. I also see that there was a recall on it in 2005. I am talking to the dealer now about the problem. I will be contacting the company about this because this was't told to me. I would like to know why this was not fix when I went in for the past recall. -
upper and lower ball joints broke on passenger side as I was stopping at a stop sign. I replaced axle and ball joints. The next week the lower ball joint on the driver side broke. -
My lower ball joint just pulled apart. Fortunately I was only pulling out of a driveway when it broke. -
1998 Tacoma 4W just failed inspection for worn lower ball joints. But there are no symptoms: doesn't pull, no noises when turning, nothing clunky over speed bumps. -
At 65-70mph on the 5 freeway the ball joint gave out on the passenger side. I wish I could upload an image of the damage. Luckily I was only in the fast lane and didn't have to cut across any lanes of traffic in order to hit the center divider. When it went out, my tire still connected to the spindle was forced into the wheel well, between my speed and the weight of the truck it caused some significant body damage. I'm not sure if it was the wall or the asphalt but I also have a bent frame, body damage, ruined suspension( it was grinding on the asphalt ), tie rod looked like pretzel, and a ruined steering column. Could of been a lot worse, but it was still pretty intense. -
Ball joints worn so alignment can't be done and wearing out tires. :( -
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