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Over a year ago i replaced the oil in it. I used an oil which should be for LSD. But shortly after the change I have been hearing clunking noises and the LSD works as an open diff. The car: European Toyota Hiace 97" (...
been told number 3 has got a misfire what is firing order thanks john
fuel pressure ok, battery new,change spark plug wire and spark plugs and checked crank sensor.Tried to start the engine no fire and flooded the engine.
I would like to know, can I take a roof rack from a model with a sun roof and mount it on a model without the sun roof, because I was told there is some difference in roofs between this two models.
My AC/Heat works fine on the floor and front blowers, but the air will not blow on the front windshield or side front windows.
My turn signals suddenly stopped working. What should I do now? Not sure where the fuse box is.
how to remove the code P0302 code to pass smog test
include new rotors
coolant level is good no visal leaks of coolant,make a boiling sound when i shut it off when it is running hot
how do you replace a reverse light bulb
I need to replace my right side reverse light