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also the ob light is blinking on/off. one of the 2 fault codes says" Shift Solenoid E", Question are those solenoids or sensors located inside the transmission?. Transmission is operating normal don't feel anything wr...
I have no spark. I don't believe its the ignitor. I checked the d6 and d12 pins on the ecu/ecm. 1.8 ohms.] thank you
check engine light is on, one diagnosis said the egr needs to be cleaned out. How difficult is this, can an amateur do this>?
219,000 miles. Also is the radio antenna connected to front windshield? Husband messed with seal around windsheld near antenna or rather drivers side. Ever since he did this my radio has static on every station.
The pump works with 12V when jumped but is only getting 3 volts. The fuse and relay are good. Don't know how to check the float sensor in the oil pan. It has 3 wires. My 1994 book shows two wires. I have a 1995.
1995 Toyota Previa LE/SC Van. Turn Signal lights are not ALWAYS working. I WAS TOLD THAT I NEED A NEW Turn Signal Flasher? How much does it cost to purchase the part? and change it? Can I replace it Myself?
Window gaskets cooked, window is going up outside of front gasket. Motor seems sound, not blown. However, window "Slips" violently forward during roll up. What is mechanism that connects motor to what pushes window up...
I know 215/65/15 and 215/60/16 are the recommended sizes, just wondered if I could use other sizes. like 225/50/16, or 225/45/17.
Replaced engine brain box under drivers seat(used).Problem continues. Problem started when put in cruise control. Chugs going uphill and loss of power.
what pattern do u tighten the bolts down in and what are the torch specs?
no leak any where is gasket broke?
Do this type model control transmission by electronics? Why does transmission go bad so quickly? In one and a half year I had to change 2 transmission!
Did Full tune up also change airflow sensor exhaust feels like its not breathing but doesn't miss fire it's not getting the full power i even change the supercharger samething it idles fine just not acellerating the ...