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I have look front and back all around for the sensor. I cant find it, does all previa's have one myn is a LE model.
out oil level in reservoir dropping. also appeared to be coolant coming out of exhaust(white smoke)replaced water pump now no loss of coolant but oil level still dropping.
I have new spark plugs, new wires, new distributor cap, new air filter, oil/filter changed. Could It be that the Throttle position sensor is worn out and affecting my timing advance and increase my HC. The NoX is bel...
Please can anyone help with a solution to our previa, it use to be very slow on hill because the automatic transmition does not shift the way it should, then the speed will be going very low, and when we scan it gives...
the van runn's hot if you drive the van to long
the outside track where the sliding door slides open to seems loose. I was told in order to fix it into place they have to take apart the interior rear side panel and then tighten the screws that hold the track in pla...
This problem started suddenly. Very rough idle with a repetitive cycle that is smooth for a couple of seconds then misses badly, occasionally stalling. Worse problem is bad hesitation when accelerating after throttle ...
1994 toyota previa speedometer quit
the brakes keep leaking down when i press the brakes
I cannot locate the thermostat on my 94 Toyota Previa. Anybody know where it is? I've looked on online manuals but still am not sure. Please help. thanks
I need to know where the thermostat is located on a 94 Toyota Previa 4 cylinder and how to change it and how difficult this will be. Thank you
How to replace the dashboard light?
How much will it be to replace auxillary shaft flexible couplings to replace and what are we looking at price wise for u joint trouble?
My toyota previa makes a clink noise when put in drive and also makes loud noise when driving any speed over 45 mph. What could be causing this?