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Auto repair company says I need to replace mounts with shocks. Are they the same as the front strut mounts because that is all I can find online?
I've had a coolant leak issue for the past year. First they replaced the cap. Then they replaced the heater control valve. Recently, the temps dropped below freezing and I noticed a puddle of coolant under front mid/p...
The door will not open and I want to open it so I can put gas in the tank but I don't want to damage the door.
Back hatch wont open..electric locks wont release.drivers door wont unlock latch is broken ..help only passengers door will open with a key
the transmission starts running good but onces it worms up it disengages. I turn off the vehicule wait for a moment and starts ok and shift to drive ok runs ok and disengages quickly again. When cooled runs ok but wor...
92 previa front wiper motor turns but hear popping and wipers don't engage.
I just bought an manual trans AWD 92 Previa. When I'm waiting at a stoplight and I put it in neutral the car dies about a 3rd of the time. It doesn't feel like it's stalling, but as soon as I take my foot off the cl...
My 1992 Toyota Previa intermittently makes a noticeable clunk when shifting from Park or Neutral into Drive or Reverse. Generally the problem is more regular and more accute in colder conditions. The U-joints are go...
hestitate in low speed, sometimes like horsing!! engine always die in low speed corner and uphilling. I remember it happened after the touchless carwash!! Ps heip!!!
my headlights only work on highbeams
The front end has been pulling towards the left especially when driving around corners this has been going on for the past two weeks. This is a 1992 previa. What would cause this to be happing?
how do you replace the outside door handle on the sliding door,