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After filling the ac gas with can and it start to cool for just 5km drive and it will not cool again but the compressor is working. Please help.
2 years ago the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder were replaced. The master cylinder has again failed, but the replacement cylinder that is available does not have the same size connection at the bottom as the...
No power to tail lights, brake lights, fan, pwr windows, pwr locks or radio dome light fuse blocks. Fuses all check out. Replaced cable ends and checked for corrosion in under hood fuse box. Going nowhere.
I check under my car or in the bottom theres ni leak or bleeding.
I replaced the feul pump and now I have no power going to it. Alternator, and battery are good, fuses are good, but voltage tester shows no power even going to fuse box for charge or feul pump.
i cant seem to find the fuses for the power windows
I've replaced a weak battery, starter within the last 18mos. This issue has been intermittent, and everything works again after cooling down in the shade after an hour or two.
It is under hood, but cannot find it and heard there are two, one behind driver's seat.
it only does this sometimes, ive replaced the starter, tightined the shifter arm on the column, replaced the battery. and the van has never been a problem for years , till this !!