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I changed the spark plugs and 3 out of 4 broke off so I had use an easy out to get them out and now it sounds like the piston is sticking what's the problem?
The yellow engine light came on early Sunday morning. I drove to church and back with light still on. My husband checked battery and found corrosion. He cleaned corrosion. Our mechanic friend stopped by. When he ins...
1 side all worn the other 90% okay. At the same time no problem with the right rear pads other than a slight angled wear on both sides. Changed pads and within 2 years needed replacement again. Rear pads need replaci...
dial will only advance from face/feet position, to just left of feet only position, the stops. which precludes any defroster usage. what is wrong?
it doesn't do it all the time, it has only done it maybe 5 or 6 times
Checked battery and cables all ok. Only thing electrical that works is cigarette lighter and security light flashes.
Just back from the brake shop. The noise that just started when I apply the brakes is coming from the front. They say that I have 40% more brake pad, but the pads are wearing uneven. This, they say, has caused the ...
How do I change my cabin air filter on my 2009 matrix?